Wedding planning could be summed up as going through a HUGE “to do” list. An often stressful, seemingly never-ending, to do list. To help lessen the stress, there are many different websites and apps out there for busy couples to use as a “one stop shop” for most wedding planning tasks.

To help you save time, I’ve put together a short list of digital tools available to help guide and assist in planning your wedding day.

Enjoy, I hope you find one of these suggestions useful for help with planning YOUR wedding!

(list is in no particular order)

The Knot

Packed with ideas & inspiration, The Knot has tons of info to help with every aspect of your wedding. The Knot’s online tools feature:

​You could plan your wedding using The Knot’s desktop site, as well as using The Knot Wedding Planner app for handling wedding tasks when you’re on the go.

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is loaded with resources for the DIY wedding planner. The site makes it easy to search vendors, venues, and hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests. There are even resources on how to change your name after you get married. The planning tools are pretty neat, too. They include:

  • budget manager tool
  • to-do list and checklist
  • a seating chart tool that (you can share it directly with your venue, which is cool)
  • a guest list tool (helps track attendance, invitations, and gifts)
  • a hashtag generator (creates a couple-specific hashtag for social media sharing)

Wedding Wire provides the space to create your own wedding website and digital guestbook. It’s such a great way to interact with guests before and after your wedding day!


Zola pretty much has everything you need to stay on top of planning your wedding. Their Expert Wedding Advice is a great place to get started when you have questions. Zola comes with planning tools like checklists, guest lists, and schedules. You can also create a wedding website and invitations to match.

The neat thing about Zola, is that you can create a universal registry. This means you can list the gifts you want, but you don’t have to specify which store it comes from.

With Zola, they are aiming to take care of all your wedding planning needs in one place. It’s worth taking a look into!


WeddingHappy used to only be available as an iPhone app. Now you can find it in the Google Play Store, as well. The WeddingHappy app helps you come up with a plan and guides you through the planning process.

To keep things on track, it sends task reminders between when you get started with the app and your big day. As stated on their website, WeddingHappy provides a simple solution to keep track of the tasks and vendors needed for planning a wedding.

Some of the features available with WeddingHappy are:

  • Payment tracking
  • Budget tracking and spending summary
  • Vendor management and Contacts integration. Associate tasks with specific vendors.
  • Calendar support. Add tasks as events to your Calendar.
  • Email individual tasks to yourself, your friends or your future spouse.
  • Dashboard overview to show the wedding planning progress.
  • Share your wedding planning progress to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • No network connection required for almost everything. You can use WeddingHappy in the subway or in airplane mode…different than many other wedding apps.

​Keeping everything organized and on track can be challenging. It doesn’t have to be, though. ​It can be a lot less stressful to have an assist with knowing (and keeping track of) everything you need to do before the big day.

Luckily, there is no need to be tech savvy when it comes to digital wedding planning. From keeping track of RSVPs to managing your budget, these tools make it super simple to manage tasks during your wedding planning!